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"After being in the hospital, my skin was so dry that I had scaly knees. I tried to soften my skin with every lotion on the market. Nothing worked. I found your site and thought I would try your Dewberry Lotion. It has worked wonders. I use it on my hands, face, and body. Thanks so much!"

D.E., Annapolis Maryland
"For many years I have contended with severely dry, cracked skin on my hands. I spent a lot of time and money on dermatologists and specialists to no avail. I have used your lotion for several months and am extremely pleased with the results. My hands are actually soft again."

P.R., Austin, Texas
"I have suffered years with Eczema, my doctor recommended your Almond Oil Moisturizer for my irritated legs. What a miracle! your oil has done what prescriptions could not."

C.J., Chicago, Illinois
"I have tried every soap made for the past fifty years. Your Tropical Body Soap is the only one I have been able to use. It really is gentle and not drying."

J.P., West Palm Beach, FL
"My wife put several drops of your Almond Oil Moisturizer in our whirlpoolbath. I was amazed at how soft it made her skin so I tried it myself. I feel like I got a new order of skin, this is great stuff."

M.C., LaJolla, California

"I spent many months looking for skin care products for my patients who use Retin-A. LaCrista products filled our needs. Our patients and staff enjoy the quality of these wonderful products."

Dr. Marcia Ornsby, Annapolis, MD

"LaCrista's products have made such an improvement in the quality of my skin. I love the fact that you do not test on animals, it is about time companies take responsibility."

N.C., Dallas, Texas

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