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Ten Rules To Save Your Skin
from LaCrista News, Vol. 5, Issue 3

1. Avoid intense sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. At the beach stay under an umbrella as much as possible.

2. Look for a broad-spectrum product rated SPF 15 or higher. Higher SPF protection may be needed for children, for very long exposure, in extreme climates or for fair-skinned people.

3. For maximum protection, use a sunscreen with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or a product with avobenzone (also called Parsol 1789) which protects against the widest spectrum of UVA rays.

4. Use a generous amount of sunscreen and reapply frequently.

5. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sun exposure to allow absorption.

6. Don't let sun screen give you a fa1se sense of security - sun exposure can depress the immune system.

7. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV blocking sunglasses.

8. Apply a lip balm rated SPF 15 or higher.

9. Avoid sunburn, sun lamps and tanning beds.

10. Examine skin on a regular basis. Any changes in moles, sores that don't heal, and/or persistent patches of irritated skin need a professional evaluation.

The Secret to Youthful Skin is in Your Pores

Can you restore that porcelain skin you once took for granted? Yes! Your face has thousands of pores. They drain perspiration to cool the body and lubricate the skin with sebum. They are tiny when you're born and enlarge with age to accommodate the increased oil production. Often they clog, leading to blackheads, whiteheads and worse. plugs, cemented by oil and sweat, that stretch skin and pores even further.

Great skin care is the key to improving the appearance of pores. Don't fall into bed until you've removed every speck of dirt and makeup with a gentle cleanser like Tropical Body Soap, and wash up after exercising so sweat doesn't settle in. Exfoliate dead skin cells with a gentle scrub. Hydrate and balance with a gentle toner - LaCrista Hydrating Toner contains no drying alcohol, unlike most on the market. Then, don't forget to moisturize with Dewberry Lotion and Almond Oil.


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