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from LaCrista News, Vol. 5, Issue 3

Send us your questions and encourage your family and friends to do the same. I will continue to answer questions through LaCrista News or by mail.


Q: Is there anything natural to get rid of age spots?

A: Cellex-C's Salicea Gel is an excellent treatment to eliminate those ugly brown spots associated with age. I've also been reading that scientists have found creams containing bearberry can be used to whiten the skin and/or prevent brown spots and freckles. It may also be beneficial to combine bearberry with horsechestnut, bupieurum, calendula and gotukola in a cream base. Most importantly, however, is to always use a sunscreen with a factor of 15 or greater.

Q: What causes itchy ears? I've heard it can be dry skin in your ear.

A: Many factors, including infection, trauma or allergy can cause the insides of ears to itch. Often it is simply dermatitis of the ear canal (similar to dandruff of the scalp), caused by dry, flaky earwax or by irritation from chemicals in hair products or from overenthusiastic ear cleaning. Since there are many possible causes, including "swimmer's ear" (a fungus which occurs when water gets trapped in the ear), be sure to talk to your doctor. A good natural eardrop to make yourself is to mix equal parts
of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Put one or two drops of the solution in each ear with a medicine dropper, leave in for 2-3 minutes, then tilt head and let them drain out. Repeat 3 times daily.

Q: Could sunscreen keep me from getting enough vitamin D from the sun?

A: Your body does need sunlight to synthesize the vitamin, and one study did show that thoroughly applied sunscreen with a SPF 8 can reduce the body's production of vitamin D by 95 percent. Fall short on this vitamin and you'll absorb only 10- 15 percent of the calcium you ingest. However, consider that in sunny months you would have to slather it on all exposed skin daily to block vitamin D production. If you get 5-15 minutes of strong sunlight on your hands, arms or face 2-3 times a week, you'll be fine. Even casual exposure will trigger synthesis of the vitamin. You may also want to ingest a multivitamin or calcium supplement that contains vitamin D.

Q: Is it true that fluoride is actually dangerous to our children?

A: Issues surrounding fluoride often inspire great debate. Although the U.S. FDA now requires that all fluoride toothpaste containers carry a poison warning label, some dentists think it is an unnecessary move. As with all over-the-counter products, there is a danger if you don't follow the manufacturer's instructions. For instance, a 40-pound child would generally need to swallow more than 90 mg (about 1/2 cup) of fluoride for it to constitute a possible toxic dose.

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