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from LaCrista News, Vol.4 , Issue 2

Soy may cool hot flashes...

Symptoms of menopause (like hot flashes or night sweats) may be eased by just 20 grams per day of soy (equivalent to a soy burger, a serving of tofu or a cup of soy milk). Scientists have found that soy contains phytoestrogens, a plant hormone similar to that in a woman's body. Soy may be an alternative to those who cannot take estrogen.


Rutgers University gave a personality test to 400 women and men and were surprised at the results. People who believed they were good looking (whether or not they actually were in the opinion of others) tended to have high self esteem, lower anxiety and an outgoing personality.

A new acne remedy ...

Retin A is too strong for some people, leaving skin red and raw. A new milder prescription called Differin is now available. A trial study of Differin showed that after three months of treatment, patients had less acne than with Retin-A.

Carpet Danger ...

The ordinary dirt that accumulates in carpets may pose a hidden danger for young children, according to a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency. The study examined the dirt tracked into a typical home and found that levels of pesticides in many lawn and garden products were 10-100 times greater on the carpet than outside the house. Since young children crawl on the floor, parents should take precautions or try and take shoes off at the door.

Sleep for memory lapses

Research at the National Institutes of Health surveyed 400 retirees and found that half of them had a breathing problem during sleep. They also showed significant loss of short-term memory and alertness during waking hours. Emory University feels there is significant evidence linking the two. This confirms the possibility that if sleep problems of people with mild dementia are treated, mental deterioration may improve.

Calcium and exercise ...

A University of Cincinnati Medical Center study showed that exercise makes bones stronger only when calcium intake was above 1,000 mg per day. It also showed that calcium did not help unless a person was active. Calcium is a raw material that the body uses to build bone, but weight bearing exercise that stresses the skeleton is needed to stimulate bone building cells.

Vitamin C for the heart...

You have read a lot about topical vitamin C in LaCrista News this past year. Not only is vitamin C great for the skin, but a Boston -University study shows excellent results for heart patients. Patients with heart disease were given two grams of vitamin C, which resulted in brachial artery dilation (an improvement). There was no improvement in patients who took a placebo. This very interesting study took great strides in showing the effects of antioxidants and improved blood flow.

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