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For years, searching for skin products for my sensitive skin always ended with the same disappointing results. Even products recommended by dermatologists left my skin dry or with allergic reactions. Researching the ingredients listed on various skin moisturizers, I made some interesting observations. Most products contained the same ingredients, mineral oil and water. I found mineral oil to be a petroleum product that can rob the skin of vitamins and cause drying with repeated use. Some skin products included harsh preservatives such as formaldehyde and chemicals found in rust removers, wall paper paste and asphalt.

I was convinced of the need for a better alternative. I began experimenting with natural ingredients. Several formulations worked beautifully with my sensitive skin.

Believing there were many people who would appreciate my natural formulations, I began my own skin care company in 1981. I named my company LaCrista which means "the best".

I am very proud of the fact that my skin care company is authorized to use the PETA 'Cruelty-Free' logo. Today more and more people are discovering LaCrista's skin care formulations and agree that my products really are the best. I hope you too will try them.

Linda Collinson
President, LaCrista Inc.

LaCrista, Inc.

P.O. Box 240
Davidsoville, MD 21035
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